Star Cut® 4902 MB — EP-Fortified Light-Viscosity Tapping Fluid Reduces Friction At Chip Tool Interface; Increases Tool Life

Star Cut® 4902 MB, from Blue Star Lubrication Technology, is a high performance tapping fluid that has proven to bring our customers advantages over competitive products. The fluid’s performance coupled with its cost-efficiency differentiates Star Cut® 4902 MB from the competition.

Visit Our Blue Star Lubrication Technology PageStar Cut® 4902 MB is a light colored, EP-fortified light-viscosity tapping fluid fortified with extreme pressure additives, such as molybdenum, which are effective in reducing friction at the chip tool interface and promoting significant increases in tool life.

Star Cut® 4902 MB is designed to deliver extended tool life and superior surface finish. It is formulated with a unique blend of raw materials that promotes peak performance on more-difficult-to-machine metals, such as stainless steel and aerospace alloys.

Features and Benefits

  • Extreme Pressure Additives
    Extended tool life and reduced friction at the chip tool interface which results in material and tool cost savings.
  • Economical
    Oil stability and durability reduces product consumption which generates cost savings.
  • Improved Oxidation Stability
    Eliminates residues and extends oil life which results in product cost savings

Successful Conversions to Star Cut® 4902 MB


Commercial Mixers and Cookie/Sandwich Machines

Aerospace, Defense, Machine Tool, Automotive and Energy Industries

Automotive Components


Stainless Steel

Aerospace, Steel, Stainless

Aluminum, Steel, Stainless

Previous Tap Fluid

Castrol Molly Dee

Castrol Molly Dee

Houghton Threadkut 99

Reason for conversion

Equal performance, more economical

Equal performance, more economical

Increased tap life

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