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Residential Fuel Services

Residential Fuel Services: Heating Oil / Kerosene, Level Billing Program, Degree Day Automatic Delivery Program


  • Supreme Heat
  • #2 Heating Fuel
  • Kerosene

Level Billing Program

The Level Billing Program is designed to help our customer’s budget their home heating expenses. Based on a customer’s monthly purchases, we calculate a set monthly payment amount that can easily fit into a household budget.

Degree Day Automatic Delivery Program

Never run out of heating fuel with Burke's Degree Day Automatic Delivery Program

The Degree Day Automatic Delivery Program provides our customers the convenience of not having to call and schedule home heating fuel deliveries, as well as offering the peace of mind that they will not run out of fuel during the cold weather. Automatic deliveries are made at pre-determined increments based on a special mathematical formula that takes into consideration:

  • Usage history – what constitutes a comfortable indoor temperature for you
  • Base temperature – the outside temperature above which the home needs no heating
  • Daily outside air temperature
  • Other factors, such as:
    • Insulation levels
    • Amount of solar radiation reaching the interior of a house
    • Number of electrical appliances running (e.g. computers raise their surrounding temperature)
    • Amount of wind outside
    • Indoor relative humidity

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