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Industrial Fuels & Lubes

Industrial Fuels & Lubes: Diesel, Gasoline, Gasohol, Fuel Oil, Lubricants, Greases, Specialty Fluids, Bulk Transport

We offer delivery of top-quality fuels, lubricants and specialty fluids for industrial use in fleet vehicles, generators, hydraulic equipment, cutting machines, and much more, including:


  • BP Ultra Low Dyed Diesel Supreme
  • BP Ultra Undyed Low Sulfur Premium Diesel (for road use)
  • Fuel Oil #1 and #2
  • BP Ultra Low Dyed #2 Premium Diesel (for off road use)
  • BP Ultra Low Undyed Diesel Supreme
  • Gasohol (87)*
  • Gasoline:
    • Unleaded (87)
    • Plus (89)
    • Premium (93)

*Gasohol – minimum 150 gallon order per delivery

We also provide bulk fuel transport for our commercial customers that have the tankage needed to hold minimum delivery requirements of:

  • Gasoline – 8500 gallon minimum
  • Diesel and Other Distillates – 7500 gal. minimum


  • Fleet and Automotive Oils:
    • Diesel Engine Oils
    • Gear Lubricants
    • Personal Vehicle Engine Oils
    • Synthetic Engine, Transmission, and Gear Oils
    • Transmission Fluids
  • Industrial Fleet/Automotive Greases:
    • Extended-Use for Fleet/Automotive
    • Food Machinery
    • High Temperature
    • Low Temperature
    • Steel Mill
    • Synthetic and Biodegradable
  • Industrial Lubricants:
    • Bearing Lubricants
    • Circulating Oils
    • Compressor Lubricants
    • Gear Lubricants
    • Heat Transfer Oils
    • Hydraulic Lubricants
    • Mill Roll Bearing Lubricants
    • Mist Lubricants
    • Oven Conveyor Lubricants
    • Paper Machine Lubricants
    • Spindle Lubricants
    • Steam Cylinder Lubricants
    • Worm Gear Lubricants
    • Turbine Oils
    • Slide & Way Lubricants
    • Biodegradable Products in Most Categories
  • Specialty Products:
    • Cutting Oils
    • Drawing Compounds
    • EDM Oils
    • Forging Compounds
    • Quenching Oils
    • Rolling Oils
    • Rust Preventives
    • Water Soluble Coolants
    • Wire Drawing Compounds
  • Other Products:
    • Fire Resistant
    • Food-Grade Oils and Greases
    • Hydraulic Fluids
    • Water-glycol


We offer a premier quality, economically priced line of automotive and commercial chemicals including cleaners, parts washers, floor soaps, penetrating sprays, and many, many more.

Solvents & Coolants

We offer both bulk and packaged solvents and coolants. These include minus 20° windshield washer solvent, concentrate, extended life coolants, Dex-Cool, SCAs, chillers, and Ready to Use.

Air & Oil Filters

We offer a premier quality, economically priced Service Pro line of automotive air and oil filters.

Wiper Blades

We feature a supreme quality, all-metal blades with both molded rubber and universal, quick-fitting joint adapters.

Our industrial business customers get all this at an unbelievable price, and of course, unbelievable, top-notch service.

For more information about our products or services, contact us.