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Government Fuel Services

Government Fuel Services: Diesel, Gasoline, Gasohol, Fuel Oil, Lubricants, Greases, Bulk Transport


We offer delivery of top-quality fuels for state and municipal government equipment and vehicles, including:

  • BP Ultra Low Dyed Diesel Supreme
  • BP Ultra Undyed Low Sulfur Premium Diesel (for road use)
  • Fuel Oil #1 and #2
  • BP Ultra Low Dyed #2 Premium Diesel (for off road use)
  • BP Ultra Low Undyed Diesel Supreme
  • Gasohol (87)*
  • Gasoline:
    • Unleaded (87)
    • Plus (89)
    • Premium (93)

*Gasohol – minimum 150 gallon order per delivery

Transport Service

We also provide bulk fuel transport for our governmental customers that have the tankage needed to hold minimum delivery requirements of:

  • Gasoline – 8500 gallon minimum
  • Diesel and Other Distillates – 7500 gal. minimum

We also provide delivery of industrial oils, lubricants and greases that governmental operations need to keep their fleet performing properly.

For more information about our products or services, contact us.