Metalworking Fluid / Lubricant Supplier in Ohio Meets Industries’ Specific Needs

Burke Petroleum are suppliers of metalworking fluids, greases and lubricants to industries in Ohio and Eastern Indiana. We distribute the full line of industrial lubricants from Blue Star Fluid Technology, as well as a variety of “green” metalworking fluids from Metalloid. If you work or fabricate with metal, whether ferrous or non-ferrous, we can supply the right industrial fluids and lubricants to fit your specific needs, no matter what industry you’re in.

Blue Star’s metalworking fluids are designed to perform specific specialized functions, including coolants, cleaners, and rust preventatives.

Additional Blue Star Fluid Technology products we distribute include:

  • High performance greases and lubricants specifically engineered to address critical issues in severe environments of steel mills and fabrication facilities
  • Lubricants customized for optimal performance of gears, cams, slides or chains.

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Metalloid utilizes botanical lubricant chemistry to blend natural resources with earth-friendly alternatives.

Their line of ADDVANCE™ botanical metalforming lubricants are safe, clean, and operator friendly. Unique ‘botanical green” chemistry affords the ultimate in lubricity, personal safety and environmental compatibility.

Benefits and features of Metalloid Botanical Lubricants include:

  • Eliminates petroleum oils and chlorinated paraffins
  • Corrosion protection
  • Weldable, heat treatable, ashless
  • Non-staining; cleans off easily

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Contact us for more information about the metalworking fluids, greases and industrial lubricants, our service area or delivery options. Call us toll-free @ 800-776-3097 or send us an email.

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