Metalworking Fluid Distributor in Ohio for Blue Star Fluid Technology – Burke Petroleum

Read about Metalworking Fluids, Lubricants and Greases from Blue Star Lubrication TechnologyBurke Petroleum is a distributor of metalworking fluids, greases, and industrial fluids from Blue Star Fluid Technology. From coolants and forming fluids to open gear, hydraulic and way lubricants, Blue Star offers high performance solutions for the needs of Ohio industry, with an emphasis on products designed specifically for steel industries.

Steel industries present very demanding lubrication requirements. The experience and expertise of Blue Star’s field support in these markets is second to none. Their line of high performance greases and lubricants is specifically engineered to address the friction, corrosion, deterioration, extreme temperatures and contamination issues that exist in the severe environments of steel mills and fabrication plants.

Burke Petroleum also distributes a line of Blue Star forming fluids, lubricants and rust preventives for the related tube and pipe forming industry. Whether you are forming structural, mechanical or coated tubes, Blue Star’s products optimize productivity through extended tool life and corrosion protection. Their field staff will work with mill engineers to select the product technology you need, as well as program development for proper maintenance of circulating systems.

Blue Star’s line of fluids and lubricants designed for specialized industrial functions include:

For more information about the metalworking fluid and lubricant products we distribute in Ohio and Eastern Indiana, send us an email, or call (419) 628-3097.

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