KILFROST Pneumatic Tool Anti-Freeze Lubricant from Total Offers Many Advantages

KILFROST pneumatic tool anti-freeze and lubricant, from TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc., is a unique fluid designed to provide the three requirements of air powered tools:

  1. Lubrication of moving parts
  2. Corrosion protection
  3. Freeze protection

KILFROST is economical when fed at the correct rate and it is not readily blown out of the exhaust port and wastefully dissipated. Any pneumatic equipment subject to moist conditions will benefit from Kilfrost’s unique ability to permanently absorb moisture and carry it out the exhaust port.

This product is not recommended for use above 100 oF. It is used to prevent dieseling in rock drills and other equipment which is important in underground operations or where natural gas leaks may be encountered.

The advantages offered by KILFROST include:

  • Prevents freezing.
  • Restores power.
  • Absorbs moisture.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Enhanced tool wear protection.
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection.
  • Prevents tool “dieseling.”

For more information about KILFROST, including the many industries and global companies that use our pneumatic tool anti-freeze lubricant, click here to download the KILFROST Lubricant PDF.

To order KILFROST Lubricant, contact us.

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