GulfTEC® dexos1® Synthetic 0W-20 NOW IN QUARTS!

View Our Gulf Lubricants Product LineAfter having recently reported that the new GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20 improves fuel economy and meets GM warranty requirements, Burke Petroleum is pleased to announce that this great new product is now available in quarts.


We have available inventory of 12 x 1 quart cases, drums, and bulk, to meet all of your retail or fleet maintenance needs.

Gulf Lubricants’ line of synthetic motor oils with the addition of GulfTEC dexos 1™ Synthetic 0W-20 offer significantly enhanced performance over conventional and semi-synthetic motor oils.

GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20 is a full synthetic gasoline engine lubricant specially formulated to meet the requirements of General Motors dexos1™ specification. The new GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20 is fully licensed and recommended for General Motors warranty requirements. The dexos1™ line of premium synthetic motor oils are designed to provide fuel economy benefits that arise from lower viscous drag, as well as greater seal compatibility to help ensure seal longevity.

More Information
Visit Gulf Lubricants for a detailed Product Introduction News Flash from Gulf Lubricants for GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20, and more information about the line of Gulf Lubrication Technology products we supply, or contact us.

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