Gulf TRANSCREST® Synthetic CVT Fluid for Vehicles with Belt or Chain-Driven CVT’s

View Our Gulf Lubricants Product LineBurke Petroleum is pleased to announce the availability of Gulf Lubricants’ all new, full synthetic, Continuously Variable Transmission fluid (CVT). This product is designed to meet today’s most complex variable speed transmissions.

Gulf TRANSCREST® Synthetic CVT Fluid is recommended for use in most North American and Asian vehicles equipped with belt or chain-driven CVT’s.

Part Number: #332035

Available in bulk, drum, and pail quantities

Gulf Lubricants Automatic Transmission Fluids

Burke Petroleum carries the complete line of Gulf Lubricants transmission fluid, including:

  • Gulfpride® Synthetic Multi-Vehicle DEXRON VI: Low-viscosity, fuel efficient. GM licensed and approved, suitable in most foreign and domestic transmission applications.
  • Gulfpride® Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF: Full synthetic, excellent high and low temperature protection. Suitable for use in most of today’s high performance transmissions calling for MERCON® V, DEXRON®-IIIH, Chryslers ATF+4 and many other foreign and domestic transmissions.
  • Gulfpride®Universal ATF: Synthetic blend ATF suitable for a wide range of transmissions calling for: MERCON® V, DEXRON®-IIIH, Chrysler ATF 7176 +4, Toyota, and others.
  • Gulfpride®Multi-Purpose ATF: recommended for use in most automatic transmissions manufactured by General Motors and Ford for model years 2006 and prior calling for DEXRON-III and Mercon.
  • TRANSCREST® ATF, Type F: Original designed for Ford passenger car and light duty truck transmissions built prior to 1977, and many 1977 – 1980 models. Product can also be used in certain agricultural equipment specifying a John Deere J21A fluid.

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