Gulf Lubricants’ Full Synthetic and Hi-Mileage Motor Oils Now Available in 12/1 Cases

We recently received this information from Gulf Lubricants and want to pass it along to keep our clients updated about new product availability:

April 20, 2012

To All Customers:

Gulf Lubricants is pleased to announce that we now have Full Synthetic and Hi-Mileage Motor Oils available at our Pittsburgh sources in 12/1 cases.

Listed below are the viscosity grades now available.

  • GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 5W-30 – Fully licensed and approved, GM License #RR1B0110035
  • GulfTEC Synthetic 0W-20 – A formula designed with excellent fuel economy in mind.
  • GulfTEC Synthetic 5W-20 - Outstanding performance with exceptional wear protection.
  • GulfTEC Synthetic 5W-30 - Designed for today’s high performance gasoline engines.
  • GulfTEC Synthetic 10W-30 - Excellent overall lubrication and wear protection.
  • Gulfpride® High-Mileage Motor Oil 5W-20 - Quick Cold weather starts.
  • Gulfpride® High-Mileage Motor Oil 5W-30 - Helps prevent leaks; extra cleaning performance.
  • Gulfpride® High-Mileage Motor Oil 10W-30 - Protects engine parts in high-mileage engines.

GulfTEC Synthetic Motor Oils provide premium engine oil protection for most domestic and import vehicles. The newly designed full synthetic GulfTEC Motor Oil is formulated to keep hard working, heavy towing engines running like new from start to finish.

Gulfpride® High-Mileage Motor Oils are specially formulated for older, higher-mileage, or rebuilt passenger cars or light-duty trucks operating on gasoline. By providing extra wear protection and improved seal conditioning, Gulfpride® High-Mileage Motor Oil offers the needed engine protection to help keep your classic vehicle running smooth for many miles to come.

Gulf Lubricants is dedicated to provide top quality products to our customers. This expansion of our product offerings supports the expansion of the Gulf Lubricant brand supporting technological and marketing trends in the petroleum industry.

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