Gulf Lubricants

Gulf High-Performance Motor Oils, Lubricants, Engine / Diesel / Motorcycle, Gear Greases

Gulf produces a line of high-quality lubricants engineered to surpass today’s tough equipment manufacturer standards.

Made from premium-quality base oils, and fortified with advanced additives to provide maximum performance, Gulf lubricants are manufactured under the tightest quality control requirements in the industry. (Click links below to scroll down to product information.)

Passenger Cars  |  High-Mileage  |  Two-Cycle  |  Heavy-Duty Diesel  |  CNG, GEO, ATF, Torque  |  Green Hydraulic

Gulf offers a variety of lubricants and specialty fluid products suitable for use in virtually every type of vehicle, machine, and industrial application.

Gulf Lubricants Product Line (Click on links to scroll down for more information.)

All Gulf products are made to exacting quality standards: View Gulf’s ISO 9001 Quality Certificates. (opens in new window)

Warranties protect all Gulf Lubricants: View Gulf Lubricants Warranties.

For more information, read News About Gulf Products.

Passenger Car Engine Oil (Links below open in new windows.)

High Mileage Passenger Car Engine Oil

Two Cycle Engine Oil

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

CNG Fueled Vehicles

Industrial Gas Engine Oil – GEO

ATF/Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oils

Torque Fluid

Contact us for information about additional Gulf Lubricants and Specialty Fluids, including:

  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Industrial Fluids / Specialty Oils
  • Synthetic Compressor Fluids
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Multi-Purpose / Specialty Greases
  • Solvents
  • Coolant & Antifreeze
  • Tractor Hydraulic / Torque Fluids

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