Food-Grade Lubes

Food-Grade Lubricants: Food & Beverage Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics Manufacturing, Breweries/Distillaries/Bottling Plants

Even with the best machines available, manufacturers can’t always rule out incidental contamination by lubricants from leakage, drip, spatter, or even mistakes. Some industries have the additional requirement of using “food-grade” lubricants that are safe for human consumption, even if an incidental contact between lubricant and food occurs. These include:

Food Processing  |  Dairy Farms & Bottling  |  Breweries & Distilleries  |  Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Featuring Nevastane Food-Grade Lubricants

We Feature High-Quality Nevastane Food-Grade Lubricants from Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

We feature a full range of USA-made NEVASTANE food-grade lubricants by Total Lubricants USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Total Group, the world’s fourth-largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company. Click to scroll down to NEVASTANE food-grade lubricant product certifications.

NEVASTANE food grade lubricants:

  • Use several technologies to meet individual manufacturer needs, including:
    • Synthetics PAO or PAG
    • Semi-synthetics
    • Food-grade white oils
    • Silicone
  • Provide solutions for every application in the food and beverage industry (hydraulics, compressors, gears, chains, etc.)
  • Are available in various packages from drum to pails, cartridges and sprays
  • Guarantee product safety even if an incidental contact between lubricant and food occurs.

All NEVASTANE products:

  • Comply with FDA chapter 21-CFR 178-3570
  • Are NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact
  • Are in conformity with Kosher and Halal requirements

NSF H1 registered NEVASTANE food-grade lubricants and greases can protect your manufacturing processes from contamination, and also provide outstanding protection and long service life to industrial equipment.

Download NEVASTANE food-grade lubricant product information:
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Download NEVASTANE food-grade lubricant product certifications:
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