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Industrial Lubricants, Fluids, & Other Products

Industrial Lubricants, Fluids, & Other Products

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We distribute a full range of lubricants and specialty fluid products suitable for use in virtually every type of vehicle, machine, and industrial application, including a wide variety of industrial greases, specialty oils, coolants, compounds, and chemicals.

Featuring Gulf Lubricants

Gulf Lubricants are Made in the USA

We feature the premium line of US-made Gulf Lubricants. Gulf has evolved and renovated its product line over the years to keep up with today’s technological advances. Their product mix extends from the latest specification and highest performance products to more economical and robust products suitable for use in older equipment or where economic priorities lie elsewhere.

Learn more at: Gulf Lubricants

Brad Penn High-Performance Oil

Brad Penn High Performance Oils & Lubricants

The term “100% Pure Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil” has long carried with it an industry connotation for being one of the best sources of high quality lubricant base stocks in the world. The BRAD PENN® refinery, the oldest continuously operating lube oil refinery in the United States, still refines 100% Pennsylvania grade crude oil, a very thermally stable paraffinic crude oil that contains no asphaltic constituents. BRAD PENN® brand products are truly “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” Their Bradford, PA refinery is the home of “The Green Oil®” that racers, engine builders and enthusiasts alike have all come to know and love!

Learn more at BRAD PENN® High-Performance Oils & Lubricants.

Metalworking Fluid

Metalworking Fluids

We offer a variety of metalworking fluids to meet the specific needs of industrial manufacturing processes. Metalworking fluids (MWFs) are used to reduce heat and friction, and to remove metal particles in industrial machining and grinding operations. A variety of formulations are available, including straight oils (such as petroleum oils,) water-based fluids (which include soluble oils and semi-synthetic / synthetic fluids,) and environment-friendly "green" alternatives.

Learn more at Metalworking Fluids.

Food-Grade Lubes

Learn More About NEVASTANE Food Grade Lubricants

Food-Grade Lubes

We feature a full range of USA-made NEVASTANE food-grade lubricants for food processing, dairy farms, bottling plants, breweries, distilleries, and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Food-grade lubricants use several technologies to meet individual manufacturer needs, such as synthetics (PAO or PAG), semi-synthetics, white oils, and silicone.

Learn more at Food-Grade Lubes.

Unbranded Lubricants

Unbranded Lubricants

Unbranded motor oils, hydraulic oils, and lubricants from Burke Petroleum are economical products that still meet minimum specification requirements for our customers’ needs, but at a more economical price point. Products are sold in bulk (tanker delivery) and drums for industrial use. They can also be packaged in consumer-friendly containers with custom-designed labels to create your own proprietary product line.

Fleet and Automotive Oils

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs)
  • Automotive Gas Engine Oils
  • Brake Fluids
  • Commercial Vehicle Engine Oils
  • Diesel Engine Oils
  • Gear Oils and Lubricants
  • Fork Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Passenger Car Motor Oils
  • Personal Vehicle Engine Oils
  • Railroad Diesel Engine Oils
  • Synthetic Engine, Transmission, and Gear Oils
  • Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Compressor Oils
  • Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Oils and Automotive Products
  • Tractor Oils
  • 2- Stroke Motorcycle Oils
  • 4- Stroke Motorcycle Oils
  • Marine and Power Engines
    • Outboard Engine Oils
    • High Speed Marine Diesel Oils
    • System Oils
    • Cylinder Oils
    • Stationary Gas Engine Oils
    • Trunk Piston Engine Oils
    • Other Marine Oils

Industrial Lubricants and Greases

  • Bearing & Circulating Oils
  • Biodegradable Products in Most Categories
  • Circulating Oils
  • Compressor & Refrigeration Oils / Lubricants
  • Electrical Oils
  • Extended-Use for Fleet/Automotive
  • Food Machinery
  • Gear Oils / Lubricants
  • Heat Transfer Oils
  • High Temperature
  • Hydraulic Oils, including fire resistant and/or biodegradable products
  • Hydraulic Lubricants
  • Low Temperature
  • Pneumatic tool anti-freeze & lubricant
  • Mill Roll Bearing Lubricants
  • Mist Lubricants
  • Oven Conveyor Lubricants
  • Paper Machine Lubricants
  • Rust Preventive & Dewatering Fluids
  • Slide & Way Lubricants
  • Spindle Lubricants
  • Steam Cylinder Lubricants
  • Steel Mill
  • Synthetic and Biodegradable
  • Turbine Oils
  • Worm Gear Lubricants

Specialty Fluids & Compounds

  • Cutting Oils
  • Drawing Compounds
  • EDM Oils
  • Fire resistance treatments
  • Food-grade lubricants, oils and greases
  • Forging Compounds
  • Mould Release Oils
  • Quenching Oils
  • Rock Drill Oils
  • Rolling Oils
  • Rust Preventives
  • Slideway Oils
  • Water-Glycol Based Lubricants
  • Water Soluble Coolants
  • Wire Drawing Compounds

Commodity Lubes

To go along with our metal working fluids, we can also provide a full package of commodity lubes, which can include:

  • Sourcing specialty greases or lubricants
  • Diesel exhaust fluids
  • Racing oil – Pengrade One High Performance Oil (old Kendall GT One Racing Oil)
  • Eco-clean Diesel Additives to combat clogging and coking from high pressure in the injectors and filters causing injector failure from the use of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel
  • Hydraulic oils for machine centers
  • Solvents for cleaning applications
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Specialty greases for machines
  • Rust preventatives
  • Food-grade lubricants for food processing plants, bottling plants, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

Unbranded Lubricants

Unbranded lubricants are economical products, primarily passenger car motor oils and hydraulic oils, that still meet the minimum specifications of the customer, but at a lower price point.

Sold in bulk, drums, or pre-packaged, our unbranded lubricants can be used to create your own proprietary product line.


We offer a premier quality, economically priced line of automotive and commercial chemicals including cleaners, parts washers, floor soaps, penetrating sprays, and many, many more.

Solvents & Coolants

We offer both bulk and packaged solvents and coolants. These include minus 20° windshield washer solvent, concentrate, extended life coolants, Dex-Cool, SCAs, chillers, and Ready to Use.

Air & Oil Filters

We offer an economically priced Service Pro line of premier quality automotive air and oil filters.

Wiper Blades

We feature a supreme quality, all-metal blades with both molded rubber and universal, quick-fitting joint adapters.

When you use Burke Petroleum as your industrial lubricant and fluid supplier, you get all this at an unbelievable price, with, of course, top-quality customer service. For more information about our products or services, send us an email, or call (419) 628-3097.