Fuels: Diesel, Gasoline, Gasohol, Fuel Oil #1 & #2, Tank Wagon / Bulk Transport Delivery Options

Burke Petroleum delivers top-quality BP gasoline and diesel, gasohol and fuel oil #1 and #2.

We offer Tank Wagon delivery and bulk transport service of:

  • BP Ultra Low Dyed Diesel Supreme
  • BP Ultra Low Dyed #2 Premium Diesel for off road use
  • BP Ultra Low Undyed Diesel Supreme
  • BP Ultra Undyed Low Sulfur Premium Diesel for road use
  • Unleaded (87), Plus (89), Premium (93) gasoline
  • Gasohol (87)*
  • Fuel Oil #1 and #2*
  • Gasohol (150 gallon minimum quantity per order)

Transport Service

We offer full transport delivery options for our trucking, construction, farm, schools, and industrial customers that have the tankage and desire for this delivery option. In most cases, minimum orders for bulk deliveries will be:

  • Gasoline – 8500 gal.
  • Diesel and other distillates – 7500 gal.

Featuring BP Diesel Fuels

We are proud to be the distributor of premium diesel fuels from BP, whose high quality standards provide distinct differential advantages over their competition:

  • Unlike some fuels, BP Diesel won’t leave harmful particulate build-up in your engine. It is specially formulated to protect against further deposits, helping to keep your engine healthier, longer.
  • BP’s ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is formulated to be compatible with newer engine technologies, such as electronic controls, fuel injection and variable injection timing, and turbo charging.
  • BP’s clean-burning diesel fuels:
    • Maximize torque & horsepower
    • Contain protective additives
    • Help lower harmful emissions
    • Provide better fuel mileage
    • Reduce or eliminate filter issues
    • Prevent “gelling” and icing in cold weather
  • BP Diesel Supreme’s increased cetane* level helps retain up to 99% of the engine’s power

Our Fuel Service Area

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Our fuel service area covers (approx.) a 60 mile radius from our facility in Minster, Ohio, from Dayton to the south, to Lima in the north, west to the Indiana border, and half way to Columbus to the east.

We also provide service to companies in Indiana, Kentucky, and Alabama.

When you use Burke Petroleum as your fuel supplier, you get all this at an unbelievable price, with, of course, top-quality customer service. For more information about our products or services, contact us.

* Cetane is a colorless hydrocarbon that ignites easily under compression. The cetane number reflects the ignition time delay of the diesel fuel. The higher the cetane number, the shorter the ignition delay time, which provides a more complete combustion of the fuel charge in the combustion chamber.
(src: What is Cetane? by Christine & Scott Gable, Ask.com)