Diesel Fuel Tech Talk for New Farm Equipment

Addressing the two most prevalent fuel related issues facing today’s new diesel equipment:

Diesel Farm Equipment

Farm equipment is subject to diesel injector deposits and filter plugging.

  • High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) Internal Diesel Injector Deposits
  • Fuel Filter Plugging from Asphaltenes and Glycerin.

Diesel Injector Deposits

High pressures—High Temperatures—leads to the formation of a waxy-sticky deposits on HPCR injector plungers the deposits cause injector plungers to stick interfering with fuel injection and engine operation. The deposits are sodium salt of an organic acid. They are completely different from the deposits found in older diesel engine designs. In fact, these deposits do not respond to Cummins L-10 detergents. A completely new and unique detergent chemistry in DIESEL GUARD SUPREME must be used.

Filter Plugging
DIESEL GUARD SUPREME prevents Asphaltene formation and keeps Glycerin in solution, in new diesel farm equipment.DIESEL GUARD SUPREME prevents Asphaltene formation and keeps Glycerin in solution.Asphaltenes are highly polarized long chain compounds. They tend to form in high temperatures and they are very problematic in low porosity fuel filters com in HPCR diesel engines. DIESEL GUARD SUPREME—prevents Asphaltene formation.


Glycerin is a by-product of biodiesel manufacturing process. In low temperatures it is insoluble and drops out of fuel solution causing diesel fuel filter plugging. The unique detergent system in DIESEL GUARD SUPREME keeps glycerin in solution, which prevents premature filter plugging.

All diesel fuel provided by Burke Petroleum incorporates Diesel Guard Supreme Advantage.

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