New Hydraulic Oils from Gulf are Environment-Friendly: Zinc-Free, No Sheen, Non-Toxic, Anti-Wear

Gulf’s new premium-quality line of anti-wear industrial hydraulic oils, Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oils, are designed for use in various mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment, compressors and lifts that operate in environmentally sensitive areas where leaks or spills of hydraulic … Continue reading

Case Studies Now Available for Blue Cool Coolants and Blue Form Forming Fluids from Blue Star

We have just posted a series of eight case studies about the benefits of Blue Cool Coolants and Blue Form Forming Fluids in industrial applications. These new case studies, from Blue Star Lubrication Technology, offer detailed accounts of actual situations … Continue reading

BRAD PENN® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil Reformulated with Robust Additive Package

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG,) manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants, recently announced an enhanced formulation to its BRAD PENN® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil (#7290,) reformulated with a more robust additive package that is specifically tailored for engines running … Continue reading

NEVASTANE Food-Grade Oils & Greases Certified as Non-Allergenic and Animal, Vegetable & Alcohol-Free

We recently received certification letters from TOTAL Lubricants U.S.A. about the properties of their food-grade oils and greases, which certify that NEVASTANE oils and greases are: Products of petrochemical origin. NSF-H1 registered. Therefore, these products are acceptable as lubricants with … Continue reading