Gulf TRANSCREST® Synthetic CVT Fluid for Vehicles with Belt or Chain-Driven CVT’s

Burke Petroleum is pleased to announce the availability of Gulf Lubricants’ all new, full synthetic, Continuously Variable Transmission fluid (CVT). This product is designed to meet today’s most complex variable speed transmissions. Gulf TRANSCREST® Synthetic CVT Fluid is recommended for … Continue reading

Gulf Harmony AW Hydraulic Oils Provide Superior Wear Protection; Outstanding Oxidative and Thermal Stability

Gulf Lubricants / Nu-Tier Brands has received several inquiries regarding the topic of hydraulic oil service life determination by ASTM D 943 and oil service life of Gulf Harmony AW Hydraulic Oils. In response to these questions Gulf Lubricants has … Continue reading

New GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20 is Designed to Improve Fuel Economy and Meet General Motors Warranty Requirements

Burke Petroleum is pleased to announce the expansion of Gulf Lubricants’ line of synthetic motor oils with the addition of GulfTEC dexos 1™ Synthetic 0W-20. GulfTEC dexos1™ Synthetic 0W-20 is a full synthetic gasoline engine lubricant specially formulated to meet … Continue reading

New Hydraulic Oils from Gulf are Environment-Friendly: Zinc-Free, No Sheen, Non-Toxic, Anti-Wear

Gulf’s new premium-quality line of anti-wear industrial hydraulic oils, Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oils, are designed for use in various mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment, compressors and lifts that operate in environmentally sensitive areas where leaks or spills of hydraulic … Continue reading