Brad Penn Technical Services Department Update (Way Oils)

We recently received this information from the folks at the Brad Penn® Refinery and want to pass it along to keep our clients updated with any changes to the Brad Penn® oil or lubricant products involved:

April 5, 2012

Re: Update from Brad Penn® Technical Services Department

The following information is provide to bring our distributors/customers up-to-date on a recent additive technology change to our Brad Penn® Way Oils.  Please take a few moments to review the following information.

The Brad Penn® Way Oil ISO VG 32 (#7794), Way Oil ISO VG 68 (#7795), and Way Oil ISO VG 220 (#7796) additive reformulation has altered their appearance as they are now recognized by a slightly lighter ASTM-D 1500 color, replacing the darker color of their original formulations. This same additive technology also provides better demulsibility (an oil’s resistance to mixing with water) characteristics as well as lower odor.  We consider the aforementioned benefits to be more application/end user friendly.

The Brad Penn® Way Oils will continue to offer their proven foam resistance, outstanding “metal-wetting” properties, excellent thermal and oxidation stability, and exceptional rust, corrosion and wear protection for tools and machinery requiring the special properties of a way oil. In addition, the Brad Penn® Way Oils will continue to meet the requirements of the Cincinnati Machine “Stick-Slip” test.  The Brad Penn® Way Oil ISO VG 68 (#7795), and Way Oil ISO VG 220 (#7796) will continue meeting the requirements of the Cincinnati Machine P-47 and P-50, respectively.  Please refer to the Brad Penn® Way Oils product data sheets located at

It remains imperative that you continue to consult the equipment owner’s manual for proper fluid selection.  Should you have any questions regarding this information, contact your Regional Sales Manager or Brad Penn®  Technical Services Department.

Kenneth M. Tyger
Oil Monitoring Analyst
Sr. Technical Services Representative
American Refining Group, Inc.
77 North Kendall Ave.
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-1210

For more information about the Brad Penn® products we distribute, read BRAD PENN® High-Performance Oils & Lubricants.

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