Brad Penn Synthetic Compressor Oils Now Available

We recently added Brad Penn® high-quality Synthetic Compressors Oils to our line of available specialty lubricants, and want to pass along a few notes about the products, sent to us by company representative Nick Dixon:

May 8, 2012

Re: Brad Penn® Synthetic Compressor Oilst


Just to keep you up to date, Brad Penn® Synthetic Compressor Oils ( ISO 46, 68, 100) continue to experience  remarkable growth in the market place. They have found success in numerous industrial applications (manufacturing operations), as well as power generation and utilities facilities, repair garages, drilling companies, and most trucking fleets, as all have air compressors that are necessary for their operations. With Brad Penn®’s very aggressive pricing for the Synthetic (PAO) Compressor Oils, new and even existing customers will see excellent savings when compared to their current supplier.

Remember the Brad Penn® line is comparable to oils such as:

  • Mobil Rarus SCH (1025 & 1026)
  • Chevron Tegra Sny  Comp Oil (ISO 46, 68, 100)
  • Citgo Compressor Gard PAO (46, 68, 100)
  • Conoco Syncon R&O (ISO 46, 68, 100)
  • Shell Corena SR4-Corena AS (ISO 46, 68
  • Quincy’s Quinsyn 46, Sullair’s LLL-4 (ISO 46, 100)
  • Ingersoll-Rand’s XL-T30 (ISO 100) to name a few.

Brad Penn Synthetic Compressor Oils come in 55 gallon drum and 5 gallon pail container sizes. The minimum order is 220 gallons, product viscosities and container sizes can be mixed and matched to make the 220 gallon minimum.

PS: Please see attached Synthetic Air Compressor Oils Product Bulletin.


For more information about the Brad Penn® products we distribute, read BRAD PENN® High-Performance Oils & Lubricants.

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