BRAD PENN® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil Reformulated with Robust Additive Package

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG,) manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants, recently announced an enhanced formulation to its BRAD PENN® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil (#7290,) reformulated with a more robust additive package that is specifically tailored for engines running on different types of fuel gases, such as biogas and landfill gas.

This additive package is more efficient for sour gas (high sulfur) service, where acid and base controls (alkalinity) are the limiting factors.

  • The new formulation provides a base number of 10.0 with a sulfated ash of 0.99%.
  • In comparison, its predecessor carried a base number of 8.9 at the same sulfated ash level of 0.99%.

A Central New York Dairy farm conducted an extensive field trial, which was deemed a complete success. The trial utilized the reformulated BRAD PENN® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil (#7290) utilizing anaerobic digestion technology.

To date, the Brad Penn® Biogas Oils are utilized at 24 farms (8 pending) plus 2 landfills in 4 different states.

Brad Penn® Lubricants’ proven performance record continues to build on their growing reputation as America’s Northeast Premier Biogas supplier.

The Brad Penn® Biogas Engine Oils are available in bulk, tote and 55 gallon drum containers. Read the complete press release for more information about Brad Penn® Medium Ash Biogas Engine Oil enhancements. (PDF opens in new window)

More information about Brad Penn® Biogas Engine Oils can be found on the Brad Penn® Biogas and Natural Gas Engine Lubricants Website.

Visit the BRAD PENN® High-Performance Oils & Lubricants page for more information about their complete product line available from Burke Petroleum.

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