ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 USDA BIO-PREFERRED CNC Cutting Fluid Provides Reduced Cycle Time and a Better Finish

USDA Certified Biobased Product 54%ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 is a USDA BIO-PREFERRED clear amber high performance, light viscosity, botanical cutting fluid designed for CNC Swiss Style machining. ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 utilizes the latest technology for difficult machining applications without the use of clorinated paraffin.

ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 is recommended for use on Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Titanium, Platinum, and Aircraft Aluminum.

ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 provides exceptional tool life by withstanding and reducing friction at the cutting edge — increasing feeds and speeds, and providing long-term, trouble-free performance.

Success Stories on ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372

One customer machines 303 Stainless Steel on a Swiss style machine. They were looking for improved part finish and decreased cycle time. With their current cutting oils they were running at a feed rate of 0.0008 and a spindle speed of 1800 RPM.

Metalloid Botanical TechnologiesAfter switching to ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372, the operator noticed that the parts had a better finish. He then increased the feed rate to 0.0015 and the spindle speed to to 2000. The part still maintained the improved finish and the cycle time for the part was reduced from 8 minutes down to 4.5 minutes, nearly a 50% cycle time reduction! They also noticed thet the parts cleaned off more easily than in the past.

A second customer is machining a 4140 pre-hard material and was getting approximately 3,000 parts between tool changes with their current cutting oil. When they switched to ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372 they were able to get 25,000 parts run and they plan to keep running the same tooling on a new part!

These were huge successes and the customers are very happy with the performance of another one of Metalloid’s Bio-Preferred lubricants.

Benefits of ADDVANCE SWISSCUT 8372

  • Excellent finishes on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Does not use chlorinated paraffin
  • Stable at high temperatures
  • Pleasant odors
  • Environmentally friendly – non-toxic, non-corrosive, low isting product
  • Non-dye clear, amber fluid

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